Online Appointment Solution

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queue management system appointment

Q-smart ticket dispenser is ready to distribute appointments online (with no requirement other than Internet connection.)

You can adjust the settings for times, working hours and appointment dates. Q-smart online appointment system has a user-friendly management interface. It runs on any mobile or desktop Web browser such as Opera, Chrome or Firefox to manage appointments.

Connect your ticket dispenser to Internet and start using the online appointment system with no additional fee or service.

online appointment system schematic

How it works?

Q-smart queue management system is offered with the integrated Web server and ready to use appointment webpage. The customers connect the online appointment system with your specified URL inside the queue management system which is connected to the Internet.(1+2).

The queue management system identifies appointment options based on the service, day and hour the customer prefers and displays the options on the screen. The customer then fills in the blanks with relevant information to make an application. The system records the data, generates an appointment number and displays it on the screen (3+4).

The customer comes to your branch office according to the data and hour of the appointment. The customer then chooses the appointment option on the ticket dispenser's screen of the queue management system. The system asks for the appointment number. If the appointment number, date and hour match the system data, the ticket dispenser prints the customer’s high priority ticket (5).

The high-priority customer is immediately called by the system and is referred to relevant users based on the service he/she wants to receive (6+7).

online appointment system ipad iphone

Web-based system management

You can manage your appointment system from your mobile phone, tablet PC, iPad and desktop PC etc. by using the web-based system management.

Connect to the system through your Web browser from any smart phone, tablet or PC and manage your system without the need to install any program.

Using the Web management interface, you can check the appointments taken, distribute appointments for the service you offer, change the rules for taking appointment and appoint your personnel based on the rush hours.

appointment system import

Importing informations from other appointment systems

Appointments of another system of yours can be easily imported to Q-smart appointment system with exported Excel file.

Imported appointments are checked by Q-smart Queue Management System and are turned into tickets. Thereby, you can make sure that your customers remain faithful to the appointment hours, as the early-comers need to wait for a while and the late-comers are warned.

queue management system online appointment

Includes only the customers who come to the branch office

Your customers can enter their appointment number into the queue management system and receive their ticket. Once the appointment number is entered, the system checks out the appointment date and hour, if they match, then the system gives the priority ticket to the customer.

If a customer gets an appointment but doesn’t show up, that customer is not included in the system. Thus, your personnel won’t lose time by making unnecessary calls.

The system checks out the appointment data and hour. If the customer has come earlier than the appointment hour, the system informs the customer to wait. If the customer is late for the appointment, the system informs him/her about this.

schedule appointment system

Scheduling Appointments

You can easily schedule your appointments.

Choose the time range you would like to give appointments for and choose the duration (for example half an hour). Choose the number of appointments for each time range (for example, 5 persons for every half an hour), choose the time for the lunch break and start distributing. The system will automatically create your appointment screen and start appointment management.

appointment ticket

Special ticket template and the range of numbers

You can customize the range of ticket numbers and ticket printing template for your appointments based on your corporate needs.

You can easily distinguish appointment tickets from other tickets by using a different range of numbers. With the calls to be made for these different ranges of numbers, you can prevent any disorder between the customers who have an appointment and who do not have one.

Integration and other application options

Option 1. Standard Use

You instantly start distributing and managing your appointments by using Q-smart queue management system with an integrated Web server and appointment Webpage. The queue management system will offer you the URL address which you can integrate into your Website to start using the appointment system instantly.


Option 2. Distributing from a different appointment system, importing to the queue system

The appointment numbers and data you have created through another appointment system of yours can be imported to our system in Excel file, using the appointment management screen. When your customer arrives at the branch office, the system checks out the appointment number, date and hour to find out whether they match with the data available in the system. If there is a match, the system prints out the ticket of the customer and calls such customer with priority.


Option 3. Ready to use appointment web services

Q-smart queue management system is offered with an integrated Web server and Web services. Through your software, you can use the offered web services such as add an appointment, check appointment status, delete an appointment, update appointment data, see the appointments in the queue etc.


Option 4. Integration to your own systems

Q-smart queue management system appointment query system can be directed to an external system. The queue management system makes a Web service call to your available appointment system and transmits the appointment number entered by your customer. The system prints out the customer’s ticket based on the response in JSON format and call tickets with high priority.