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The infrastructure of Q-smart WiFi queue management system is designed with IEEE 802.11 b/g, which is offered as an open standard. This means, it seamlessly runs through the WiFi modem, router or access point you are using at home or in the office.

WiFi queue management system consists of wireless ticket call terminals, ticket dispensers, counter displays, main routing displays, multimedia players and digital signage systems. Any device available in the queue management system communicates wirelessly within the WiFi network.

Use the WiFi queue management system to place your ticket machine wherever you want in the office. Run the call terminals on the arms of your staff or in their pockets. You are free to move your counters to upstairs tomorrow. And do all these without the need of any renovation work, just enjoy the freedom offered by the WiFi system.

Q-smart WiFi World

WiFi queue management system has no installation cost and do not requires any renovation when moved from one place to another. You just choose your WiFi network and enter your password to have a queue management system which becomes ready in a few minutes.

Q-smart WiFi queue management system is developed with WiFi certified Open System Interconnection (OSI) model. This model defines how the devices connected to the system and the applications to run on those devices will communicate with each other. Here, a network consisting of interoperable hardware is established. This network does not change depending on the type of the hardware or network and the network architecture and protocol remain intact.

WiFi queue management system architecture provides you with the advantage of interoperability. You are free to work with any hardware using a standard communication interface and you are independent from the manufacturer.

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WiFi Led Displays

Curwe WiFi queue management system screens offer you unlimited flexibility in your wireless network. Curwe displays are fully compatible with IEEE 802.11 standard WiFi networks seamlessly works with your wireless modem, router or access point. Curwe main routing displays are using only 1 IP address and it can display 20 previous calls up to 20 rows. All curwe displays can run either through the automatic IP address distributed over DHCP or by defining a static IP.

Unlike the wireless products running on radio frequency (433Mhz), the system uses the WiFi technology which has become an international standard today and it offers a perfect wireless operation up to a distance of 300 m over just 1 connection point (modem, router or access point).

Just like your mobile phone or tablet PC, it runs anytime and anywhere in your office, without the need of any wiring installation or renovation.

It is a new generation LED queue management system display with an aluminum soft-curved design, a flexible structure in which you can add rows anytime with Red, White or Blue LED options.

WiFi Ticket Call Terminals

There are 3 options in the WiFi-based queue management system to call the next ticket in queue and to perform other ticket operations.

Smart Call Terminal: You can download and install the application for free from Google Play Store. It is compatible with all tablets or smartphones which has Android operating system. You just need to enter your queue management system’s URL address into the application once you have downloaded the application from Google Play Store.

Cloud Call Terminal: Cloud call terminal embedded in the queue management system runs on the built-in Web server and is compatible with all Web browsers. You just need to turn on the Web browser of your smart watch, smart phone, tablet or PC end enter your ticket dispenser’s IP address. The system is responsive to different devices and screens and automatically adapts to the device connected whether it be a smart watch or a laptop PC etc.

Virtual Call Terminal: This is a call terminal program for any Linux, MacOs or Windows-based computer. The application is independent from the platform and is designed by using the Java language. The program is compatible with Java version 1.6 and uppers. It gets activated just by double clicks and it does not require any installation/setup.

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Cloud Screens

Cloud screens embedded in the queue management system can be used in the form of two different applications as the counter screen and main screen. Cloud screen is a Web-based application running on a built-in Web server.

You just need to turn on the Web browser of your Smart TV, tablet or PC and enter the Cloud screen URL. The system is responsive to different devices and screens and automatically adapted to the Web browser to be displayed.

Cloud counter screen: You can customize the counter screen as you wish. Employee name, surname and position, counter number, ticket number, font types, colors, size and styles can be changed. Custom image, color or video can be selected as the background of the screen.

Cloud main screen: You can customize your main screen’s ticket and counter/room number texts, row number of the ticket previously called, RSS news contents, weather forecast, bottom and upper section information messages, colors, font types, size and forms, logos and images. As well as the ticket numbers, live weather forecast, location information and RSS news services are displayed on the main screen. You can add RSS news from any channel you like and customize news sources and weather information.

MyTV Digital Signage System

Main screen: Using the Q-smart DSI (MyTV) system, you can turn your LCD TV into a queue management main screen. MyTV connected to the queue management system with wireless connection turn into corporate TVs (instead of LED screens) broadcasting ads, TV programs, information and announcements, videos and photos.

Counter screen: Using the Q-smart DSI (MyTV) system, you can turn your operator screen into a communication channel that interactively communicates with LCD monitors or LCD TVs in any size. You can customize your LCD counter screens and screen displays according to your corporate image and broadcast information messages, photos and announcements as well as calls and ticket numbers.

MyTV system can work horizontally or vertically. Thanks to its adaptive design, it optimizes screen display according to the orientation of the monitors/TVs.

As well as the relevant contents, you can broadcast news, weather forecast, currency exchange rates and central clock on the screens.

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