Cloud Queue Management System Solution

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The world keeps changing and your business keeps improving. So why should your queue management system remain fixed?

With this new generation queue management system which has no brand dependence, you can integrate any hardware into your system and expand it anytime based on your needs.

Purchase a Tablet and a Smart TV from the nearest electronic store and start using your queue management system just in seconds.

If you already have a queue management system, open a Cloud Queue Management System account and move to the clouds independently.

Prices starting from $39 per month.

How does it work?

Q-smart Cloud possesses all the features of a Q-smart queue management system. It runs on private online accounts that are specifically prepared for you on highly secured Q-smart servers which run on the internet or local network.

Your Q-smart Cloud account becomes ready in seconds after complete your sign-up process. You can use your Cloud account to access the URL addresses of your ticket dispenser, counter/kiosk screens or the main routing display. With these URL addresses you can instantly turn your Android tablet, iPad or computer into a ticket dispenser, counter/kiosk display, main routing display or a call terminal.

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cloud queue management

Cloud Ticket Dispenser

Any Android Tablet or iPad could be used as a queue management system ticket dispenser. Or if you have already a touch-screen kiosk from any brand, it could be used as your new cloud queue management system ticket dispenser with Q-smart Cloud.

Thanks to SMS feature, you can send the ticket number to the mobile phones of your customers by SMS then call by SMS message instead of a printed ticket.

There is one more alternative for ticketless usage, you can ask your customers to enter their names, mobile phone's last 4 digit or any type of personal information, then call them by their given information without the need any ticket number.

Use without a ticket

As in traditional queue management systems, you can print ticket numbers to your customers or send SMS without any printed ticket. One more alternative is give virtual ticket number with their personal information such as name, tax number, phone number's last 4 digit or surname.

When your customers try to take ticket from any service, system asks their name, surname, nickname, car plate number, mobile phone number etc. to register them to queue without the need for a printed ticket. Then they called by given personal information which are showing on TVs.

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Customizable design and localization

You can customize the customer ticket interface as desired. You can add different language options and customize the background, button visuals, service names, icons, sizes, locations and views for each display depending on your corporate needs.

You can also use a video besides image or color options and customize all font styles, sizes and colors to be used in the foreplan.

You can design language options for different languages so that customers are guided to personnel who speaks the language the customer has chosen.

Cloud Main Routing Displays

You can turn any Smart TV, Android TV Box, Apple TV, Amazon TV Stick or computer, in brief, any product with a web browser, into a queue management system main routing display.

As in traditional queue management systems, you can display the ticket number or the name, surname, nickname, car plate number or tax number of your customers to call.

cloud queue smart tv
cloud qms smart tv ipad

Responsive design

Whether you use a Smart TV, an android tablet or an iPad, the Cloud main routing display automatically adapts to your hardware thanks to its responsive design. You don’t need to make any other adjustment. Thus, it can be freely used in any product with a web browser regardless of brand.

The design recognizes horizontal or vertical orientation and automatically embeds the content based on the location of your device. It achieves optimal image independently of the resolution of the hardware it operates on and regardless of VGA or Ultra HD resolution.

Live RSS services, Weather forecast

Cloud queue management system main routing display is presented with integrated RSS and weather forecast services.

Live news: Thanks to the customizable RSS solution, copy any URL address from any RSS server then paste it into the system and save. The system will automatically access your server, choose news from sources and display them instantly.

Weather forecast, language and location: Main routing display obtains location information as soon as it connects the Cloud server. It generates language, weather forecast, and location information based on this and displays on the screen as you wish.

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android ipad queue management

Cloud counter/room/employee displays

It turns any hardware with a web browser (tablet, PC, Apple TV) into personnel display for the queue management system.

You can use a standard iPad or an Android tablet on employee's desktop, any type of monitor or TV with employee's personal computer's secondary monitor output or any Smart TV or an Apple TV, i.e. any hardware, anywhere as desktop, door or wall-mounted personnel display for the queue management system.

Thanks to its responsive design, it senses the resolution and display position of the device; automatically optimizes its content so that you don’t have to do anything more.


You can customize the counter display as you wish. Employee name and position, counter number text and size, font styles, colors, sizes, shapes and background images, colors, images or videos can be selected.

As in traditional queue management systems, you can display the ticket number called or the name, surname, nickname, mobile phone number's last 4 digits, car plate number or tax number of the person called.

An audio file can be played when calling the ticket in queue. You are free to choose any melody to use as the audio file for this purpose.

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Cloud Call Terminals

Cloud queue management system is offered with an integral Cloud Terminal for calling the customers in queue.

Cloud call terminal running on the cloud server is compatible with all web browsers. You just need to write URL address of your account on the web browser of your smart watch, smart phone, tablet computer or personal computer. The system is responsivly designed for different devices. It displays and automatically adapts to the connected devices from smart watches to laptop computers.

The functions of the cloud call terminal are; call ticket, transfer, postpone, park and recall. In the user interface, it displays the called ticket number informations, elapsed time for last call and the waiting ticket numbers.

Online Appointments Distribution and Management

Cloud queue management system is offered with Online Appointment Application which enables distributing and managing appointments online.

You can manage the durations for appointments, working hours and working days for the appointments and customize the webpage which is used for taking online appointments.

Q-smart online appointment system has a user-friendly interface. It manages your appointments on all mobile or desktop web browsers such as Opera, Safari, Chrome or Firefox.

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