This is the cloud-based ticket calling terminal which is independent from the operating systems and platforms. Cloud terminal doesn't need to install any program or application for operating. In your queue management system, it ensures that the users call the ticket from the queue in order to make process in compliance with the designated authorities and rules. It runs on the integrated cloud of your queue management system with the internet browsers of computers, tablet or smart phones. It performs all functions such as the number of ticket in the queue, calling ticket number, elapsed time from last call etc. on the cloud.
  • Operates on computer, tablet or smart phones.
  • Compatible with all operating systems.
  • Special buttons for Call, Recall and Pass functions.
  • Elapsed time display for the last called ticket.
  • Displays live waiting ticket numbers on screen.
  • Running fully compatible with all screen sizes via adaptive layout.
  • Running on the cloud without installing any application.